RMHCA Supper Club

Supper Club

Calling all chefs! Get your favorite recipes together and join the Ronald McDonald House Supper Club.

Families at the Ronald McDonald House® appreciate you taking your time and resources to provide a warm meal after a long day at the hospital. With the many worries that come with having a critically-ill child, dinner should not be one of them. This is a source of stress the Ronald McDonald House is trying to eliminate through the Supper Club. You can help out our families by cooking a meal so that they can focus on what is really important...their child. 

Ronald McDonald House® Supper Club Guidelines

  1. All food must be prepared on-site at the Ronald McDonald House. We are unable to accept any food prepared off-site by a volunteer, group or individual (including baked goods, casseroles, desserts, snacks baggies, etc

  2. Exceptions: Food prepared by a licensed retail food establishment can be accepted if the food has been protected from contamination, and has been delivered directly from the licensed establishment to the Ronald McDonald House by the Supper Club or representative of the retail food establishment.

  3. Packaged foods purchased from retail grocery stores in unopened containers, or whole fruits and vegetables can also be accepted.

  4. Supper Club groups can plan their own menus with no restrictions, understanding there is no alcohol of any kind. We can help suggest menu ideas if needed.   We recommend you call within a week of your date and we can let you know what has been served most recently.

  5. Groups are encouraged to label all meals to help families with food allergies or dietary restrictions and make appropriate choices.  Staff will be able to help with this as well.

  6. If providing breakfast or lunch, please purchase and prepare enough food for approximately 30 - 40  guests.   If providing dinner, please purchase and prepare enough food for approximately 50 – 60 guests. Dinner is served between 5:30 and 6:30 pm “buffet” style in the dining room.

  7. Please wash all dishes, and clean all areas used for the meal preparation. The staff will pack and label (with date and contents) any leftovers for the families. We are always in need of plastic container donations.

  8. Please remember that volunteers with communicable diseases (common cold, recent exposure to chicken pox, flu-like symptoms, etc.) are not allowed in the Ronald McDonald House due to the communal living environment.    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR OUR FAMILIES HEALTH AND WELL BEING.

  9. Please know that not all families will be able to make it to the House in time for your serving, but they will be searching for leftovers when they return. Some families will prepare to-go plates for children and themselves. Be assured, whether the food is eaten at the time of your meal, carried away to the hospital, or warmed up as leftovers late in the night, it will be eaten with much gratitude and heart-felt appreciation!

  10. We would be more than happy to give your group a tour of the House and our kitchen facilities!   If you must cancel your meal, please notify us as soon as possible at (501) 374-1956.

To schedule a meal, please call Kristi Finley at (501) 374-1956 or email kristi@rmhcarkansas.org.